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3 Common Skin Care Myths

When you think you know everything there is to know about skin care, a new tidbit of information comes along that proves you wrong. One quick google search on your favorite beauty topic provides you with an infinite amount of information that leaves your head spinning. Your quest for skin care knowledge leaves you questioning what beauty advice is legit and what’s not.

If you don’t have all your skin care facts straight, we're here to help. Instead of bombarding you with a massive list, I’ve decided to highlight the truth behind 3 common skin care myths:


Truth: Yes, genetics play a significant role in the characteristics of your skin (pore size, tone & texture), but healthy skin care habits play a more important role in aging gracefully. According to Skin Inc, “the biggest culprit in aging is sun exposure, and your drinking, smoking, stress, and sleep habits play a role, too.” The solution is simple: Avoid toxic habits like smoking and alcohol and protect your skin against sun damage. Hide your complexion from dangerous UV rays by covering up with a hat, sunglasses and by wearing an SPF moisturizer daily (cloudy days included!). One your next visit to Beatitude we can go over a variety of SPF options for face and body.


We wish this was true but unfortunately, in many cases it’s not. For woman and men, hormonal changes can cause a resurgence of breakouts well beyond the teenage years. As men age, breakouts can occur due to a drop in testosterone levels. For women, hormones fluctuate on a monthly basis, causing pesky pimples that appear on the jawline, chin and neck area. Luckily for you, we have a solution to post-adolescent problem skin:

Eminence's Eight Greens Starter Set. The Eight Greens products contain natural plant hormones that help balance oil production and improve the appearance of hormonal aging and problem skin.

MYTH 3: FACIAL OILS WILL CAUSE BREAKOUTS Facial oils are the new must have in skin care but some people are still questioning their efficacy. Does applying oil to your face go against everything you thought you knew about skin care? The truth is that, instead of making skin look greasy, facial oils actually balance sebum production in the skin. Applying oil to the face calms overactive sebaceous glands, promoting a more balanced, even-looking skin tone. Praised by publications such as Dermascope magazine and W magazine, a facial oil like our award-winning Rosehip Triple C+E Firming Oil helps improve the appearance of problem skin while promoting hydration. Come Pick up yours today!

Make your Facial Appointment today and we can get your started on a new and improved skincare routine!

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