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About Us 

Allie's Philosophy

Change is life.

I’m your guide as I walk my own talk.

What is an Integrative Health and Wellness coach?

Well, I’ve changed virtually every aspect of my life: my job, my spirituality, my nutrition, my health, Many times over. I’m also a certified Esthetician, coach and Reiki Master. My focus was change theory and identity.

All my experience helps me help you better because I understand the process of personal transformation more than most coaches. If you’re facing it, I’ve most likely lived through it. I’m here to listen and support you.

That's how I help my clients of all

identities learn who they are and want to become. One conversation and one decision at a time. Results are guaranteed as long as you’re in it to win it. I specialize in grief, gut health and emotional healing.





Want the insider’s guide to unlocking your unique skin story? Easy: your skin is simply a reflection of what is happening inside your body.

With inner disharmony (originating from nutrition, stress and lifestyle) comes outer disharmony and dull, lackluster and problematic skin.

But when your body is in a state of harmony and balance, your skin naturally glows with luminous health and beauty.

Which is why at Beatitude Skincare we marry innovative science with the nurturing elements of nature to transform your skin from the inside out. We craft  skin prescriptions that consider your diet, lifestyle and a slew of other factors to guide your skin to a state of perfect health and harmony.

Working at a cellular level we increase cell respiration and detoxification, stimulate blood flow and lymph drainage, whilst improving superficial clarity and radiance.
From addressing redness, irritation, blemishes and discolouration through to hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, Beatitude Skincare combines results with relaxation for a holistically nurturing experience that will transform your skin story.

With my Health & Wellness background and skincare background it is the perfect combination for healing from the inside out!


Allie Schmidt

Owner/Licensed Skin Therapist/Reiki


Born and raised in the Lake Country area. I have had a genuine interest in the beauty industry from a very young age, which grew into a real passion and led me to a career in aesthetics. After finally deciding to follow my dream I attended the VICI Aveda Institute in 2013, and have been furthering my education ever since always staying up to date on the latest and greatest in the great, big world of skin! 

 As someone with adult acne myself I also have an authentic empathy for those living with challenging skin conditions. My own skin journey and personal holistic approach to my own life has lead to me developing a unique integrated skin practice which combines a modern take on ancient techniques with technical, skilled skin work.  Built on the principals of love, touch, gratitude, grounding and 

intention this gets real results especially on difficult and damaged skin and translates, with dramatic effect, on those with younger, less challenging skin.

I am dedicated to helping people look and feel their best, as well as educating them on healthy skin care practices. With the experience I have gained from my extensive training in esthetics and hands-on treatment working in upscale spas, I find assessing and addressing skin conditions extremely rewarding.

After a treatment, my clients feel amazing. Their skin is restored, rejuvenated and they see results! I encourage my clients to take an interest in their skin, not only from an esthetic point of view, but also as a long-term investment in their health and well-being.

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