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How Do Sound Waves Exfoliate Your Skin??

Doesn’t seem possible, does it? But it’s true. Ultrasonic exfoliation (holistic microdermabrasion) uses both liquid and sound waves to leave your skin, smooth, fresh, and perfectly prepared for product application.The Ultrasonic Facial treatment is a gentle, non-invasive treatment that is safe and suitable for all skin types, from Acne to Rosacea and Mature skin.

After your skin has been cleansed, I first layer it with a liquid enzyme to loosen dead cells. Then the oscillating spatula goes to work, activating 28,000 ultrasonic sound vibrations per second! The rapid oscillation of low dose ultrasonic derma sound interacts with the distilled water on the skin producing a harmless controlled exfoliation, safely detaching and removing skin cells of the stratum corneum which in turn, unleash the skin’s power of cell turnover and renewal process.

Why is that important?

  • Exfoliates dead skin cells for a clearer, healthier complexion without the redness and irritation sometimes associated with Microdermabrasion.

  • Loosens and removes dirt, oil and cellular debris from follicles for cleaner, healthier skin. Pores diminish in size and bacteria levels are reduced.

  • Gently stimulate skin to produce collagen and elastin. Fine lines and wrinkles are diminished; skin is restored to a smooth, youthful glow and maintained with regular treatments.

  • Aids in penetrating skin care products deep into the skin. Less product is required, and it is more effective as it penetrates and acts deep within the skin.

And I haven’t even massaged or applied your treatment mask yet! You already know that with proper home care, facial results last after the glow has disappeared. But with the inclusion of ultrasonic exfoliation, results last even longer. Ultrasonic Spatula is included in any 60 minute facial...Book one today at

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