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Acne Facial: why you need a professional treatment

If acne is stressing you out, don’t underestimate the value of an acne facial. The results of professional acne treatments are difficult to replicate at home as they require a level of safety and knowledge only an esthetician should provide. Not only that, but they are the best way to ensure your skin is clear and glowing. To learn more about acne facials, Allie will tell you all the details the many benefits of this treatment, and what you can expect when you visit the spa.

The Benefits of an Acne Facial

If you feel like your life is controlled by your acne and breakouts, I cannot recommend professional treatments enough. While the urge to pop your pimples at home can be overwhelming, choosing a spot treatment (like our Acne Advanced Clarifying Masque) instead, and seeing an esthetician to perform extractions is a highly superior option. By popping your pimples at home, you run the risk of making your breakouts significantly worse by inadvertently pushing bacteria deeper into the skin. This not only leads to further pimples - but can cause infection as well.

While I note that an acne facial provides a deeper level of cleansing for the skin that is extremely difficult to mimic at home. In addition to extractions, estheticians will use higher grade treatments on the skin that are not available or suitable for home care. For example, our Pro Salicylic Acid Peel provides major results - without irritation. The time-released encapsulated salicylic acid in this treatment:

  • Targets congestion within pores, rapidly removing blockages

  • Addresses the look of acne-related symptoms, such as off-balance skin bacteria that leads to excess sebum and shine

  • Improves the look of problem skin over time with a formula suitable for all skin types

This professional use treatment delivers 15% salicylic acid. This is an oil soluble beta hydroxy acid (BHA) that is encapsulated in plant-based lipids for a natural application.After an acne facial you can expect your skin to look clear and smooth immediately, and you will see a drastic reduction in the appearance of acne blemishes with continued treatment.

What To Expect During An Acne Facial

But what does an esthetician do? How is going in for a facial that different from your home care routine? Think of your esthetician as your skin care manager, it is their job to ensure that your skin is on the right track. They take a close look at your skin and carefully design a custom treatment for your specific needs.”

Your treatment will start with a skin assessment to not only help your esthetician determine your facial treatment protocol, but to help identify how often you should ideally visit the spa, and what products you should use in your home care routine. After assessment, the esthetician will cleanse the skin, apply treatments such as an exfoliating peel and mask, and perform techniques such as steaming and/or extractions. They will end the treatment with a moisturizer and SPF to ensure your skin is nourished and protected.

“If you are dealing with acne, professional care is very important - especially exfoliation and extractions, as they prevent the spread of bacteria, and minimize scarring. Your esthetician will work with you, noting your goals and developing an effective home care routine. It is then up to you to follow the routine that is provided. When you return for the next visit, your esthetician then performs an analysis to assess progress and professional treatment. Together, your home care, esthetician and professional products are the best way to achieve your skin goals.”

How To Book A Professional Treatment

if dealing with severe to moderate acne, a series of treatments may be booked once or twice a week at first.Booking an acne facial is very straightforward. Visit our website ( contact directly via phone. Let them know that you are interested specifically in an acne facial treatment, and would like to set up an assessment and treatment with an esthetician. When it comes to frequency of treatment, How often depends on the severity of the breakouts. Your first appointment with an will determine the facial frequency that is needed. For example; if dealing with severe to moderate acne, a series of treatments may be booked once or twice a week at first. Then, as the skin improves, lessened to once a month.”

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