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What to expect( of your skin) when your expecting

Congratulations! What a beautiful and exciting journey of discovery you are embarking on.. Pregnancy can be a magical and mystical experience for women, and we love nothing more than taking the opportunity to pamper mothers-to-be in preparation for their new arrival. However, if you’re finding that along with the excitement you’ve noticed that your skin is not what it used to be then fear-not. From skin sensitivity, pesky pigmentation to full blown eczema flare-ups we’ve seen it all! So, if you need a little guidance on how to soothe your normally flawless complexion, we’ve popped together our guide for what to expect (of your skin) when you’re expecting.

Understand the change

While following a perfect skincare routine is very important to maintaining a beautifully clean and clear complexion, if there’s one thing that is going to wreck your best laid plans it’s a sudden and very powerful surge of hormones. The result? You’re skin is suddenly going be a lot more sensitive to the elements around it.

There’s no single catalyst that’s going to tip the scales either - sunlight, heat, chlorine, detergents, even certain kinds of foods might affect that perfect complexion you’ve worked so hard to build. What once caused you no issue may now become your biggest irritant. So when it comes to minimising your reactions we recommend the following:

Make The Switch

Replacing your chemical based products with Organic and toxic-free products that will minimize your risk of reaction and also your chances of absorbing any hidden nasties.But be careful some essentials may not be suitable - always check with your healthcare expert if you’re not sure what’s safe.

Slip, Slop, Slap

Write this down on a piece of paper, in capitals and sprinkle it liberally with exclamation marks - “sunscreen is your best friend”. Choosing a good zinc based sunscreen will not only protect your precious, beautiful skin from those aging rays of the sun but will also help minimize your risk of sun sensitivity during your pregnancy. We love the Simple as That SPF 30+.

Ditch The Perfumes

Do your skin products come with a heavenly smell that made you feel like a queen pre-pregnancy but now just make you break out in a rash or feel sick? Perfumes and dyes in your products may be the culprit. Try switching your body products out for unscented alternatives and feel the relief.

Ask for advice

Need more concentrated advice? Our Signature Facial is not only designed to pamper your skin but comes with the opportunity to spend some time getting expert advice from myself

about what products will work best for your skin during pregnancy and planning for some you time post-pregancy.

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