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Chakra Series: Sacral Chakra Facial

Name: Sacral Chakra Colour: Orange

The Sacral Chakra is associated with Self Respect.

When it is in balance we are fully able to express and feel our emotions, we feel happy and confident with who we are.

An imbalance will first resonate as a tingle, ache or sensitivity in the sacral region. (Lower abdomen).

Aches and Pains

Even small tingles and aches can be a sign that something needs to be addressed. As soon as the emotional issue has been resolved, the ache WILL clear up or simply completely vanish.

Can manifest quickly as sharp pain, ache, tingle or general sensitivity in the lower abdomen and lower back ache.

Physical/ Medical issues

If the issue is left unattended to, may lead on to more serious issues such as.

Pre-menstrual syndrome, problems with menstrual flow, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, irritable bowel syndrome, endometriosis, testicular disease, prostatic disease, low back pain.

Emotional Issues:

When in balance the sacral chakra offers us; Self Respect, self esteem, confidence in our abilities, a sense of freedom.

Imbalances are caused by restriction, Withdrawn behaviour/wanting to withdraw, destructive feelings, dependency, waiting, Low self esteem, low sex drive, difficulty communicating with other people (particularly the opposite sex). Denial of pleasure (not just sex), Martyr behaviour.

If you back ache is originating here, are you are likely having issues which involve give or take'

Relative Questions:

If you an imbalance in your sacral chakra. Look at the following questions honestly to help seek balance. It is useful to answer all the questions initially with YES / NO / MAYBE and then go back and work through all the YES answers and the MAYBE answers.

Those you answer YES to; you can try to find a way to resolve the issue. When the issue is resolved, your ache or illness WILL subside.

Do you give yourself the freedom to be yourself? Are you tied to someone else's boundaries resentfully? Are you feeling withdrawn? Are you dependent on someone else? Are you feeling despondent? Are you waiting on a response from someone else? Are you feeling obliged to do something for someone else, but you're having a hard time actually doing it? Are you feeling obliged? Are you holding back? Are you relying on someone for something and afraid you may not get it?


Individual rebalancing will depend entirely on the specific issue. But it is especially good to write things down.

Please note that an imbalance is not only caused by a weakened chakra. The aim is to have all chakras in complete balance with each other. If six are weak and one is strong it could mean you are OVER confident, OVER trusting, OVER creative etc.. thus re-balancing must either involve increasing the size of all the other chakras or reducing the influence of the strong chakra.

Colour Therapy

Orange is the color associated to the Sacral Chakra. This can be used to help promote courage.

Crystal Therapy.

Crystals which can be used in association with the Sacral Chakra are ; Carnelian, Amber, Orange Calcite.


Oils which can be used, associated with the sacral chakra and thus to assist the 'I can' Attitude, are; Clary Sage, Jasmine, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Sandalwood.

Nutrition Honey, Almonds, Cinnamon, Strawberries, Melon and Coconut can help you to cleanse, clear and open up your sacral chakra.

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