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Facial Skin Care: Specialization

There is really only one thing in the field of esthetics that interests me.The healing, care, and rejuvenation of facial skin.
Skin Care

But there really is so much more to the industry of esthetics. There’s waxing, lashes and brows, body treatments, makeup, spray tanning, did I leave anything out?

But I want to talk about specialization. There are specialists in brow design, specialists in waxing, etc. You get the idea.

Well, have you ever thought when booking a facial treatment, that maybe a specialist might be a good thing? Because it is. It really, really is. Particularly when it comes to facial skin.

Why is that?

  1. The wrong treatment could cause irreversible damage.

  2. The wrong home care choices could hinder your results.

I specialize in the care of your facial skin. That’s my passion.

And I take it one step further. I consider the health of your skin holistically. I want to know more than what you are currently using on your skin, more than what concerns you about the appearance of your facial skin.

I need to know what you eat. How’s your stress level? What medications do you take? What do you do in your every day life? How much sleep do you get?

Get the picture? Because specializing in the care, and health, of facial skin depends on your whole self. All of your habits and routines.

If you’re as serious about your skin care as I am passionate about it, then you really do owe yourself a visit with a specialist. With a specialist, you will get the results you deserve, I promise

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