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Bye-Bye Summer! The Secret To Turning Up Your Skin's Glow

Because your skin is greatly affected by the seasons, you have to give it what it needs for each season of the year. As a result, your home care may need to change to accommodate those needs.

Think of it this way. You don’t wear winter clothes in the summer. So why would you use the same skin care regimen all year long?

It just makes sense. There are environmental factors that stress the skin resulting in increased dryness, redness, and irritation. There are also solutions to combat these stressors to maintain a healthy, vibrant complexion. Turn up your skin’s glow regardless of the season—and get rid of dull, sun damaged skin, too—with luscious skin care treatments designed to plump up and hydrate your skin without making it feel greasy.

4 Secrets to prepare this Fall

  • Moisturize: switch to a creamier, non-clogging moisturizer that will add extra moisture and protect your skin from environmental aggression’s.

  • Exfoliate: Do exfoliate, but be gentle. Summer damage can result in cellular build-up on the skin’s surface.

  • Sunscreen: Sun exposure is less intense, you should continue protecting your skin against damaging UV rays.

  • Monthly Facials: Environment damaged skin needs monthly facials to repair and restore glowing skin

Talk to me about customized facials. And consider using Bamboo Firming Fluid or Stone Crop Hydrating Mist as part of your home care. Keep pores clear and skin smoother. Mild Peptide skin peels and derma filing facial to exfoliate dull, dry summer skin, accelerating new skin growth. And that turns up your glow.

Think LED Light treatments to fade brown spots and firm fine lines and wrinkles due to the sun. There’s just so much you can do to keep your skin glowing year round.

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