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10 Facts About Sun Exposure

Summer is here, which means that vacation, outdoor dining, and lots of sun will be in the lineup. Here are some facts about sun exposure..

1.) Clouds don't protect.

You can burn on cloudy days, with 80% of the sun's UV rays passing through the clouds. You should apply sunscreen if your out in the sun for more then 20 minutes, regardless of the weather.

2.) Wear SPF and a hat

Both protect you at the beach, and both are important.

3.) Look for broad-spectrum protection.

Look for sunscreens that protect from UVB and UVA radiation to protect skin not only from a sunburn but also from premature aging and skin cancer.

4.) Chemical vs, physical

Chemical sunscreen create a film that filters UV radiation from reaching the skin, whereas physical sunscreens, such as titanum dioxide and zinc oxide, deflect UV rays.

5.) Cover everywhere.

Apply SPF before getting dressed to ensure every spot is covered. Don't forget the back of neck, ears and top of the head.

6.) Define "proof."

Waterproof and sweat proof are misleading terms. Everyone must reapply sunscreen after swimming and while playing outdoor sports.

7.) Watch the eyes.

Sports enthusiasts should keep SPF away from their eyes to prevent irritation while sweating and swimming.

8.) Perfume can cause irritation.

Spray perfume and/or cologne to your clothes, not your skin. If the sun hits a fragrance , it can cause irritation and pigmentation.

9.) Increased sensitivity

Health conditions and prescription medication may make you more sensitive to the sun.

10.) Wear shades

Wear sunglasses that have the ability to absorb and block 99-100% of UVA and UVB light. Protecting your eyes help with fatigue, headaches and reduces the risk of eye cancers.

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