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Allie's Tips: Getting the Most Out of Your Facial

At Beatitude Skincare & Wellness, we pride ourselves on providing the best in spa services and the latest in Eminence Organics Products. However, I recognize that maintaining healthy skin is more than just coming in occasionally to receive a facial. While the organic facials I administer should be the first step in treating your skin, it’s important to go beyond just that if you want to keep your skin looking as beautiful as it can possibly be. Here are just a few extra tips we’re providing you to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant all year long.

Get a Facial More than Once a Month

Receiving a facial is commonly believed to be a once a month appointment, but this is actually just the minimum required if you want to maintain healthy skin. Regular facials retrain your skin cells to produce healthier skin. To see faster results, you will want to come weekly or bi-weekly; be sure to consult your esthetician to determine what frequency would be best for you.

Follow an Enhanced Skin Care Routine

Approximately 70 percent of your results will come from homecare products. To help you with this, Eminence has come up with an Enhanced Skin Care Routine which consists of a series of nine steps, each one doing a specific job for your skin to help you achieve the best results. Some of these steps include using maintenance products like cleansers, toners, and moisturizers that will maintain healthy skin. Other products, called ‘transformers,’ will treat and repair issues with your skin. These products include exfoliators, serums, and masks. Serums and masks have higher vitamin content and increase the elasticity of the skin. Exfoliators remove millions of dead skin cells, allowing your entire skin care system to penetrate and work more effectively. Not only that, but they also smooth and brighten the complexion while reducing pore size to allow make-up to glide on and look more luminous.

Alternate Between a Cream Mask and a Hot Gel Mask

Both masks are essential in maintaining your skin’s health. The cream mask works to hydrate and treat your skin. The hot gel mask contains our famous Hungarian Paprika which increases blood flow. An increase in blood flow is the number one way to rejuvenate, detoxify, oxygenate, nourish, and heal the skin. This is one of our spa’s secrets to smoother, brighter, and more radiant skin.

Invest in Eye Cream

The thinnest skin on your whole body is actually around your eyes; it is the first place wrinkles will appear. This is why it is vital to use eye cream in both the morning and evening, after moisturizing. It will help nourish, treat, and preserve the skin around your eyes.

Don’t Forget About Your Body

When most people think about taking care of their skin, they immediately think of their face. Maintaining your body’s skin is just as important; the skin on your body ages the same way it does on your face. Be sure to exfoliate weekly and use an organic moisturizer daily. This will protect your skin from free-radical damage, premature wrinkling, and sun spots. We provide skin firming body creams, anti-cellulite body creams, shimmer body creams, brightening body creams, and Body SPF cream.

Make Sure to Wear Sunscreen

The top defense against premature aging is to wear sunscreen. However, you will want to watch what kind of sunscreen you wear. Most sunscreens are filled with chemicals and artificial oils that clog pores and age the skin. Further, those sunscreens do not protect against UVC (the skin cancer ray). We provide a high-quality organic sunscreen that protects from all three rays, has anti-aging nutritional benefits, and is non-comedogenic.

Remember To Mix Things Up

Periodically switching your cleanser, toner, or moisturizer can break the plateau your skin may experience and give you better results. You can even ask us about our professional strength boosters. We have Firm (Acai Berry), Bright (Licorice Root), Clear (Willow Bark), Calm (Arnica) boosters that we can add to any mask or moisturizer to enhance its effectiveness.

Contact Your Local Lake Country Organic Spa!

If you’re in or around the Lake Country area and in search of an organic spa or an organic facial, we hope you’ll come visit us and find out why we’re widely considered to provide one-of-a-kind skin care. You can schedule an appointment with us by phone at (262) 719-3836 or book online at If you have any questions about our services or Eminence products, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to seeing you soon!

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