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Ask The Experts- What are Serums?

What are Serums?

Serums are topical treatment products that efficiently deliver active ingredients—things like antioxidants, vitamins, peptides and moisturizing agents—into the skin. Only a serum can penetrate the many layers of the skin. A serum won’t replace your daytime or nighttime moisturizer, but they will boost your anti-aging, acne or redness results and overall skin health when used morning and evening. Finding a good serum is akin to starting a long-term relationship—the real benefits come from sticking with your serum day in and day out. While you will likely see some improvements right away (as their antioxidant-rich formula soothes redness and brightens skin), over the long term you’ll see signs of damage fade and skin will look and feel healthier and firmer, too!

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